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Lead for Earth, formerly known as Nisarg Foundation, embarked on its mission in 2021 with a dedication to empowering small, overlooked groups and innovative ideas. With a firm commitment to nurturing the next generation, the foundation has tirelessly worked alongside communities to bolster resilience and support sustainable development.

In its inaugural year, the foundation launched the flagship program “Road to Sustainability,” aimed at strengthening climate adaptation efforts across India. This initiative reflects the foundation’s broader goal of leading the charge towards a sustainable future, with a focus on combating climate change both in India and globally.

Mr. Chirag Kathrani

Founder- CEO

Mr. Vikrant Srivastava

Co-Founder/ Secretary

Mr. Rishi Aggarwal

Senior Advisor

MS. Susan Block

Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Priyanka Pakhare

Project Coordinator

Mr. Manoj Kamadi

Project Coordinator

Mr. Aswin Sagar

Web Developer

Mr. Angelo Rajesh

Web Developer

Nisarg Foundation’s support extends to communities, helping them innovate and grow in a manner that safeguards the future. The foundation focuses on working effectively with vulnerable populations across all societal sections. It strives to drive societal change by providing funding, campaigning, and resources for aggressive climate action and policies that promote sustainable development goals. This includes addressing issues faced by communities disproportionately affected by deforestation and plantation expansion.